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Richard Dolan Interview on BoA

On July 8, 2014, I interviewed with Tim Binnall for his show, Binnall of America. I recieved a great deal of positive feedback for it, and thought it would be a good idea to link it permanently here. As Tim encapsulated it on his website,

"For the first time in over four years, powerhouse UFO researcher and historian Richard Dolan returns to BoA:Audio for another enlightening conversation about the UFO enigma, disclosure, breakaway civilizations, and all sorts of other strange stuff.

Over the course of this fast-paced edition of the program, we discuss Richard’s recent speaking tour which saw him travel across Canada, the fate of the 9/11 Truth Movement, the current bizarre surveillance state that has enveloped America and the world, Edward Snowden and what may have been behind his disclosures.

Within the UFO realm, we talk about Richard’s ‘breakaway civilization’ concept and how the so-called “one percenters” fit into this hypothesis, the current state of UFO research and if activism is the right way to go about getting answers to the UFO enigma, the issue surrounding ‘damaged goods’ in the UFO field and how to go about dealing with this difficult demographic. Richard also tells us about an instance where someone or some organization tried to feed him potential disinformation as well as whether he ever feels threatened due to his contacts with insiders who that share UFO information.

Plus, of course, tons and tons more."

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